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High Pulp - Mutual Attraction Vol.1

Release Date: 27 Nov 2020
King Underground
More Info:

Official Black Friday pressing. High Pulp are an 8-piece band that emerged from the Royal Room, a legendary Seattle Jazz club where they held “Funk Church” jam sessions in 2017. Their signature sound is aPsychedelic fusion of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Soul which come together with complex, well thought out arrangements and progressive style. After successful sessions and premieres with prestigious station KEXP, and being at the forefront of the Seattle music scene, they’re now ready to branch out and take their sound worldwide.With 3 volumes planned covering some legendary artists and composers, Mutual AttractionVol. 1 starts off on a spiritual jazz journey. Three iconic musicians are covered: Pharoahe Sanders, Sun Ra, and Alice Coltrane. These artists have woven their influences into theDNA of High Pulp and are by no means an easy group to tackle, but the band manages todo so with forward thinking grace.The project features rich textures and cinematic grooves alongside trippy guitars, lushRhodes keys, and soulful horns. With their refreshing take on improvisational 60s and70s-inspired music, there just aren’t many bands making music like this right now

High Pulp