Outside Looking In Sleeve
Release Date: 18 Feb 2022


Pink LP


100% Records

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Throughout their nearly 25 years together, Stone Foundation have always prided themselves on their collaborative spirit and inclusive approach. While the band say their tenth studio album, Outside Looking In, brings a "fresh new approach" to their sound, the record still very much takes that long-standing approach.

Recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studio, and featuring the man himself on backing vocals, the album also hosts a guest lead vocal from legendary disco diva Melba Moore and slots from Sulene Fleming, Laville, Sheree Dubois and Graziella Affinita.

Fouding member Neil Sheasby said: "When creating music the goal is always to recreate the sound you’re imagining in your head, sometimes it’s achievable, sometimes you fall short. With this record I believe it’s the closest we have come to realising what we set out to achieve. It was important to push ourselves and not get caught up in a musical cul-de-sac of complacency, it had to sound fresh and a leap forward into uncharted territory. I think the songs reflect that.”