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The Independent Record Shop Father's Day Picks

Independent record shops pick the records that remind them of their dads for Father's Day. In partnership with Record Tokens.

To celebrate Father's Day on Sunday 16th June, we asked independent shops to tell us about the records that remind them of their Dad.

The choices below include the first record their dad introduced them to, the records they’d like to introduce to their dad, and the records Dads’ would really like to get this Father’s Day.

Don't leave gift buying to the last minute, if you're stuck this Father’s Day remember you can head down to your local independent record shop for some great recommendations or pick up a Record Token to give the gift of choice.

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Seb - Resident Music 

"My dad was constantly playing stuff very loudly on a Saturday night and this one stood out to me. The minute I heard Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures I fell in love."

"Every year for Father's Day I get my dad a new album. A few years ago I got him The National & he loves them. So to continue his obsession, I'm getting him 'I Am Easy To Find'!" 


Frankie Morgan - Fish Records 

"Some of my earliest memories involve listening to music in the car with my dad, especially Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’, which I fondly referred to as the “bye-bye song” and I still know every word to. One record which really stands out which my dad introduced me to is Frank Turner’s ‘England Keep My Bones’, which is still one of my all-time favourite albums."

"That album has led to some of my best musical memories from the muddy fields of Leeds Festival to Wilton’s Music Hall to watching Frank Turner and Billy Bragg performing ‘Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards’ together on May Day at the Hammersmith Apollo. Dad always says that Frank Turner live makes him wish he was 18 again, so that record always reminds me to make the most of things, live in the moment and just enjoy shared experiences, especially those which involve music!"

"Having a dad who runs a record shop and is a booking agent and concert promoter means that he is always one step ahead of me. I don’t think there is any record which I love that wasn’t introduced to me by my dad, which means buying my dad music as a present is always out of the question. Working alongside one another in our record shop usually means that whoever gets to the new releases first gives their initial review to the other person. However, we do occasionally disagree on which records to recommend to customers!"


James - Resident Music 

"My Dad introduced me to Led Zeppelin: 'Led Zeppelin III'. 
Constantly on in my dad's car, the first 3 Zep albums are ingrained in my psyche." 



Rich Perri - Ignite Records 

"My Dad introduced me to Benny Hill Earnie the milkman ....he was more into Comedy than music"
"I'd like to introduce my Dad to Jesus Jones Info Freako, because it's a classic." 
"I played my daughter Green Day - Basketcase... now she's punk obsessed" 
"This Father's Day I'd like some obscure garage punk record"

Jack Lefeuvre - Le Freak Records

"My Dad introduced me to B
elle and Sebastian 'Tigermilk'. I remember him telling me that it sounds like Glasgow, where he's originally from"
"I'd love to introduce my Dad to Sleaford Mods 'Eton Alive' because he hates Brexit"


Mark - Resident Music 

"My Dad introduced me to Manic Street Preachers: 'Generation Terrorists', he
used to have this on the regular spin when I was young - which is probably why I'm addicted to LOUD bands now!"



Charmaine Jones - Seedee Jons 

"The first record I remember my dad introducing me to was Dire Straits - Brothers 
In Arms. I remember hearing this album for the first time so vividly when I was about 9 years old, it was the first time I was introduced to that type of 80’s guitar sound and as soon as I heard it I couldn’t get enough, shortly after listening to this album I fell in love with all types of genres from the late 80’s to early 70’s. I’m now 21 and 70’s-80’s is still my favourite era’s for music."

"If I could convince my dad to sit down and listen to a full album he’s never heard before; it would be Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. This indie-rock album came out in 1998 and is hands down my all-time favourite. I was introduced to it about 2 years ago when I started working at Seedee Jons. The album gives across so many different vibes and also has a beautiful story behind it as the lead singer (Jeff Magnum) went into a book store, came across Anne Frank’s diary and was fascinated when he read it. She inspired him to write the album - it’s just so raw. Also, the artwork for it is awesome!"


Tom Berry - Sound Records Stroud

"The record that reminds me of my dad is Miles Davis and John Coltrane play Richard Rogers. He was given this record at the age of seventeen in 1964 when as a young man from Gloucestershire he joined the merchant navy. This was a key phase of his life as he got to travel the world as a young man. He got into jazz and would often listen to the record after a few drinks when returning to his cabin. Over the years he's played the record many, many times and I can see it takes him back to those days before he met my mum. I've grown to love the record too and about 20 years ago he gave it to me along with the rest of his old vinyl. The music never fails to move me, not least because it reminds me of my wonderful dad and the adventures he had on the oceans of the world!"


Barney - Resident Music 

"My Dad introduced me to A Tribe Called Quest: 'People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths Of Rhythm'. One of my earliest memories is driving along the South Downs for a picnic on a sunny afternoon, with my dad playing this album on cassette in the car. Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to music really!" 


Laura Reinbach - The Orpington

"My Dad introduced me to 
Duran Duran – Greatest. This became the record which we, as a family, played while on a holiday to Wales. Several debates about clouds vs fog were soundtracked by ‘Wild Boys’ and ‘Rio’."

"I'd love to introduce my Dad to Angus and Julia Stone – Snow. So far their previous albums have met with my dad’s approval (he even plays their first album, Down the Way, in the car), so I wonder what he will make of their newest little gem."


Ian Gosling - Vinyl Revival 

"A couple of records I remember listening to with my Dad when I was about 5 years old - Paul Anka 'Diana' and Frank Sinatra 'Chicago'. They are 78s, which kinda gives away my age, and are from the large collection that I inherited when he died. I still play them occasionally on my old Dansette."

"If Dad were still here, I would have loved to have played him Roy Harper 'Man and Myth' that came out a few years ago."

"The record that I have shared with all my children is Van Morrison 'Moondance'. I now share music with my grandchildren and my eldest granddaughter was really impressed with Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert and wishes she could play her clarinet like that."

"For Father's Day, I'd love the Otis Redding RSD release because I sold out and didn’t get a copy for myself."

Dan - Resident Music

"My Dad loved his music and he introduced me to Van (the man). 'Astral Weeks', in my opinion, is his finest work."