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Meet The Makers: Chris Marksberry from Sound Performance

Meet The Makers:

Chris Marksberry from Sound Performance


Sound Performance are the Official Vinyl Manufacturing Partner of Record Store Day 2018. They have been supporting independent music for almost 25 years and are passionate about vinyl and its resurgence which has enabled artists and labels to thrive.

In other words, they work behind the scenes to bring us the records we know and love. 

We catch up with Managing Director Chris Marksberry about his role in the music industry, his love of Elton John and where he’ll be spending the 11th Record Store Day.

(Photo of Chris Marksberry in Casbah Records, Greenwich)

Do you remember the first record you fell in love with and why?

If we’re talking about singles, it would be T.Rex circa 1972 – Children of the Revolution, 20TH Century Boy, Solid Gold Easy Action. 

T.Rex just sounded amazing and I played those singles non-stop. The labels and singles bags were all branded with the T.Rex logos which also made them look great.

If we’re talking about albums – I bought an early Elton John Greatest Hits in 1974, which I loved.  I bought it from ‘Ensols’ a shop in the village that sold light bulbs which had a very small Vinyl rack. I had no idea who Elton John was, but bought it to try and have been a big fan ever since.   

What is your favourite record shop and why?

Growing up, it was Elephant Records in Aldershot, it had all the new releases and imports and I spent every weekend heading there to get something. 

Today, I would say Casbah Records in Greenwich, it’s our local shop, it’s got a great selection and a nice retro vibe.

Why are you so important to the music industry?

Manufacturing is a niche B2B sector within the industry that needs its own focus and expertise. If the manufacturing process has any issues it can have a knock-on effect to the release and potentially cause loss of sales, with our expertise and experience we help our customers get the best results.

What does your day to day role at Sound Performance involve?

Making sure customers are happy is always the first and most important thing.

This involves talking to and seeing customers regularly, keeping in the loop with day to day orders going through our office, staying close to our team, talking with suppliers, general trouble shooting plus finance, budgets and planning.

You also always have to have one eye to the future, putting in motion new ideas and directing where the business needs to head.


What do you most love about your job?

I enjoy the diversity of the role, I always feel like I’m spinning a lot of plates at the same time and I like that.

Meeting people and forging relationships is a big part of the role, I love working in the music industry as I get to meet and talk to people about music.

I also get the chance to travel a fair bit which I really enjoy.


What is your most memorable experience at Sound Performance?

There have been many over the years so hard to narrow it down.

I’d say professionally manufacturing the CDs for the first Franz Ferdinand album was amazing. The sales went through the roof and we were under pressure daily to get more CDs made and delivered, it was exciting to be involved in such a runaway successful project.

 Most memorable experience in a different way would be the Music Week Awards from the early to late 90’s, we would have 2 or 3 tables of 10 with the SP team and our customers. They were full on nights and everyone had a lot of fun, great occasions! 


If you could make the next record for any artist in the world, who would it be?

Elton John.

Where will you be spending this year’s RSD?

This year I’ll be heading down to the amazing ‘Pie and Vinyl’ in Southsea. Sound Performance are sponsoring the live stage and we have a stall promoting our vinyl pressing services and we’ll also be selling our recently published book ‘Going For Song’ which is all about the history of UK Record Shops.