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"My favourite record store is Palais de Danse in Glasgow. Firstly, Dennis who owns the store is a wonderful human with excellent taste and is an absolute font of knowledge when it comes to all things vinyl. 

As a DJ, I play loads of different genres, and Dennis always has a really broad range in stock. I particularly love digging through the old trance and hardcore records...I could easily lose a whole day in there!"



"Andy’s Records in Aberystwyth is our local and favourite record store. Andy is a great guy and showed us lots of cool stuff over the years."


"Our favourite independent record shop is Beyond The Download in Wokingham. It's just such a nice vibe in there with people who are passionate about music. It's mostly new or reissued vinyl but they have got a pre-loved section too. It's great to just hang out with like-minded people and buy music in the format it was meant to be listened to." - Max Valeras 


"My favourite record store has to be Relevant Records in Cambridge, it's so chilled out it has a cafe in there too so you can have coffee and banana cake whilst discovering amazing music. I once found a 70s African disco vinyl in there which is a vibe and a half!"


"My favourite local vinyl haunt is Abbazappa Records which resides in the Yellow Yard - Derry City’s coolest place to shop for music, books, trinkets & vintage clothing. 

The record store has a huge range that I like to go crate-digging in - most recently I can be found there searching through 7 inches from the late 60s." - Shannon D O’Neill



“Longwell Records in Bristol is a banging record shop. Iain the boss man is the soundest shop owner i’ve ever come across whist shopping for music. He’s slung out more copies of my debut album than any other shop by a clear mile and that’s because he’s constantly recommending local up and coming artists like myself to his regulars and even randomers - that’s because he gives a s***. Viva La Longwell!”