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Chromatics - Closer to Grey is the first album the band has released since 2012, everything that Johnny Jewel touches is golden, and we can't get enough of the music he produces along with stunning neon-noir flavoured music videos to accompany the releases. You might be familiar with the Chromatics & Johnny Jewell from the Drive soundtrack.
Closer to Grey features a couple of fantastic cover songs of which include "The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel" …this means you can still sing along during the first listen! 
Check out the label "Italians do it better" and be exposed to some damn fine Italo disco, electronic synth-pop tunes today.
Daniel Davis - Time Signals Released by Sacred Bones is a beautiful moody instrumental record, available on limited edition Smoke vinyl online! The new LP features frequent collaborator John Carpenter on several tracks. 
Daniel is a brilliant composer and someone to defiantly check out if you like to fill the house with beautiful and dark ambient tones.
Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Illusion Of Time We are always happy to flap our arms around at the sound of these talented names. This record is hypnotic in tone and guaranteed to resonate after listening! Crescendoing synth melodies and moments of dark grit on this Magenta pressed vinyl …we highly recommend the f*ck outta this one!
Released by Phantasy Sound and Mute.