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#IsolationVinyl choices from Tallbird Records

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Here's a picture of me with two records - 

1) The new one is Sink Ya Teeth "2" - I was turned on to this by one of my regular customers (Lippy Kid - check out his music and radio show on Radio Free Matlock). I can't get enough of this, pulsating electronic beats, quirky observations from a female p.o.v. Put it on and imagine you're at the Danceteria NYC 1979. 

2) Talking of Danceteria NYC 1979, you'd almost definitely be dancing to "Heart Of Glass" off this, officially The Best Album Ever Made, according to TallbirdToo many words have already been written about it for me to be able to say anything original about "Parallel Lines" apart from it's been a constant companion and most cherished possession for the last 40+ years. If you don't have it or haven't even heard it, what are you waiting for?!