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#IsolationVinyl choices from Piccadilly Records

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Mine has chosen Baby Huey - ‘The Living Legend’. Why? Because it’s majestic and full of feel-good vibes. 

Martin has chosen The Fall - ‘Slates’ Why? Because it’s 10” wide, it’s antisocial, and “Leave The Capitol”, “Middle Mass”, “Prole Art Threat” are works of genius and so are all the other tracks. 

Emily has chosen Michal Turtle - ‘Phantoms Of Dreamland’ Why? Because I’m consistently blown away by how ahead of its time this music sounds. 

Barry has chosen Smashing Pumpkins first two albums ‘Gish’ and ‘Siamese Dream’ Why? Because they are one of the most seminal outfits of the 90s, and remain one of my favourite bands of all time and these Butch Vig produced gems provide more to hear on each listen, as well as a nostalgic warming of the soul.