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12 Stone Toddler - Albums 'Does It Scare You?' and 'Scheming'

LP X 2
Brightonsfinest Presents
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Remember when rock was anti-fashion, didn’t stay in neat little categories and represented a deviation from the norm? 12 Stone Toddler were always one of those greats: a band that represented a marriage of opposites. Heady esoteric eclecticism combined with a love for perfect three minute wonders. Jagged riffs like huge menacing monoliths ushering in magical melodies that were sweet like candy and dangerously infectious. We thought we had seen that last of rock’s beloved fat baby, but we were wrong: Toddler are back and it’s time to celebrate.
For this year’s Record Store Day (April 22nd 2017), Brightonsfinest Presents bring you an exclusive reissue: both of 12 Stone Toddler’s studio albums, Does It Scare You? and Scheming, available for the first time on swirly picture disc vinyl, back-to-back, with their amazing original artwork, all in the one package! Both albums will include bonus ‘secret’ tracks, as they originally appeared on the CD release. Dealer Price: £15.99.

This band were way ahead of their time musically when they originally released these albums on CD & digital download, back in 2007 and 2010 respectively, displaying a unique blend of fairground circus rock, bordello-esque gypsy punk, swing, funk and metal. Inventive musicianship, dark and twisted lyrics and sophisticated studio production characterised their early work, gaining the band a huge cult following, who remain devotees to this day, encouraging the band to reform in 2017 with the promise of new material already under way.

Reviews for Scheming and Does It Scare You were exceptional at the time! Here are a few choice quotes:

“Without question the best début album of the millennium … hands down one of the best débuts I’ve ever heard”

Tim Wardyn – Music-critic.com

“This is a fantastic album… Does It Scare You? Will surprise you by being one of the best albums of the year so far”

Phil May – rockmidgets.com

“This is the past & future of rock n roll, make it the present, buy it”

“Magnificently louche and uncomplicatedly rock”
The Guardian Guide

“Listening to this gigantic infant’s début will make you cooler”

On stage the band are an assault on the eyes and ears with Zappa-esque hard funk-rock rhythms at its heart. The reformed 12 Stone Toddler include the original song-writing duo of Chris Otero (vocals, bass) and Ben Jones (keyboards, vocals) along-side a dynamic new line up. Their third album is expected in the Autumn, with festival dates already confirmed at Glastonbury, Bestival, Boomtown, Latitude & Love Supreme, plus a headline date in Brighton.

Their music videos for ‘The Rabbit’, ‘Candles On The Cake’ and ‘Angry Teddy Bear’ have remained firm favourites on YouTube, clocking up thousands upon thousands of views. Tracks, ‘Daddy Was A Bad Mother’ from Does It Scare You?, and ‘Kick Me A Little Bit’ from Scheming, will soon be featured in a new short film ‘Last Respects’ from the director of short film The Black Hole (over 15,000,000 views on You Tube) to be released later this year.

To support this Record Store Day release, tracks from the albums and an interview with 12 Stone Toddler will be featured on Brightonsfinest Radio Show on Juice 107.2 (Mon-Thurs 9-11pm).

For dealers and record buyers this release represents a unique opportunity to acquire a very special double vinyl, picture disc package at a great price!






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