My Little Shop Of Horrors Sleeve
Release Date: 26 Nov 2021





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One of rock & roll’s pioneer of shock rock, the indescribable Screamin' Jay Hawkins paved the way for music performance art and glam artists to come. His classic “I Put A Spell On You”, included on this set, was banned from radio in 1956 for sexual overtones. His legendary performances had him dressed in gold and leopard costumes with props including rubber snakes, a smoking skull on a stick and his signature coffin. Over his career he didn’t record many studio albums. In 1972 he released “A Portrait Of A Man and His Woman”. Long out of print it was re-released on CD in 2001 as My Little Shop Of Horrors adding a recording of his signature hit, “I Put A Spell On You” that included cover versions of Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make Believe”, Fats Domino’s “Please Don’t Leave Me” and Jesse Belvin’s “Guess Who”. The 12 track CD reissue makes its vinyl debut.