Black Friday

Black Friday takes place on November 29th a selection of stores across the UK are taking part in the event.

Please note that these are the shops that have confirmed they are taking part to me, but do check with your local shop as they might be taking products too. Also not all shops will be stocking all products so please contact your local retailer to find out exactly what they have. You can see the UK releases here


101 Collectors

Action Records


Blossom Records

Casbah Records

Crash Records

Intense Records



Love Music

Malcolm Musicland

Movie Mix - Fidelity Entertainment

Nevermind the Music

Norman Records


Pie and Vinyl

Rapture Whitney and Evesham

The Record Shop

Reflex Newcastle


Rise Cheltenham, Bristol, Worchester

Rough Trade East and West

Sister Ray


The Drift Record Shop

The music exchange

Truck Store

Underground Solushn

Vinyl and Vintage

Vinyl on Deck

Wight & Green

Published: Friday 14 November 2014

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