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Taking Part in Record Store Day 2016

Please note that the store sign-up closes on Friday 29th January 2016.


In order for your shop to be able to participate in Record Store Day, you will need to complete, sign and date the Retail Code of Conduct before the 31st January 2017 and return to robyn@eraltd.org. 


To participate as a label, you must complete and return the Label Code of Conduct and Product Submissions Form to megan@eraltd.org before the 31st January 2017.  Anything submitted after this date will not be guaranteed inclusion as an official product. 

Use of the Record Store Day logo

If you wish to use the logo you must obtain permission from the Record Store Day organisers, who may give permission and will need to approve printed materials etc in advance.

How do I get my Record Store Day release to stores?

First you sign a label code of conduct as outlined above. Then product is sold to stores in the normal way through your standard distributor.  Record Store Day are not involved in the order or distribution process. You may only sell to Record Store Day stores, a full list of which will be provided to all labels and distributors supplying product for Record Store Day.

I want to perform on Record Store Day

Let us know the area you wish to perform in and we can let local stores know you are available but arrangements must be made direct with the store. You can find local stores by using our store search function and set up a performance direct. The Record Store Day organisers do not arrange the in store events as each store is responsible for their own activities.

About Record Store Day

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